When Is the Best Time to Wear a Hubert Necklace?

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Saint Hubert (also known as Saint Hubertus) is revered as the Saint for Hunting. The story of Saint Hubert, which is celebrated every year on the 3rd November, is one that reflects his devotion to the hunting community.
Saint Hubert’s Early Life

Saint Hubert, a French nobleman, was born in Maastricht between 655-705 A.D. to a family of royalty. He grew up in luxury and splendor. Hubert, despite his privilege upbringing was well-known for his bowmanship.

Hubert was renowned for having a legendary hunting skill. He became known for his ability to hunt and bring in a bounty of food. His life changed forever on Good Friday when he encountered a stag during a hunting trip.

The Vision of Saint Hubert

Legend has it that Hubert, on horseback, cornered a majestic stag which turned around to face him. A glowing crucifix appeared between the stag’s antlers. Hubert reported that he had a vision at this moment and heard a voice telling him to turn towards the Lord and live a holy lifestyle.

Hubert’s spiritual transformation

Hubert was deeply moved by his experience and renounced the life of luxury that he had lived in the past. He gave up all his titles and birthright, as the future Duke of Aquitane. Tragically, his wife Floribanne died while giving birth to Saint Floribert. Hubert’s spiritual journey was centered around his wife’s death.

Hubert’s Journey at the Church

Hubert asked Bishop Lambert of Maastricht for guidance. He became his spiritual adviser. Hubert travelled to Rome under Lambert’s guidance to meet with the Pope. Hubert was ordained a priest during this meeting and became the 31st bishop of Maastricht, and the first bishop of Liege.

st hubert necklace Saint Hubert’s Legacy

Saint Hubert was a priest who performed many miracles, such as exorcisms or curing rabies cases. For his efforts to spread Christianity in pagan areas, he is known as “Apostle Of The Ardennes”.

Saint Hubert’s Symbol

Saint Hubert’s symbol is a deer with a cross between its antlers. The symbol is well-known to hunters, and even appears on the Jagermeister bottle cap.

Honoring all Life Forms

Saint Hubert became not only the patron saint of hunters, but also promoted honoring animal life. In his day, feasts were celebrated to honor the energy that was transferred from the animal to a hunter following a successful hunting.

Saint Hubert is a symbol for spiritual transformation and devotion. His influence is felt by hunters, archers and mathematicians as well as metalworkers and those who love Jagermeister. Hunting Necklaces and Saint Hubert Medals are tangible expressions of devotion to the Patron Saint of Hunting.

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