Body Massage: How To Get Started

How many times have you thought about massaging as a simple process? For example, you may think you just have to massage your partner when they are lying down. Actually, it takes much more than that if you want to give a higher quality massage.

Here are the 5 steps to take when you need to get the massage started. 강남안마

1. Hygiene

Always clean your hands first before anything. This is the standard procedure in all massage centers. If the professionals do it, why don’t you too?

2. Get into position and wait for my go!

Instruct your partner to lie down in a way he or she feels comfortable with. Sometimes, if you have been massaging them too long in the same position, it might get boring. Therefore, leave this to your partner to adjust their own body position. You can always adjust later on. This is because it’s better to start the massage the way they like it rather than forcing them to be in a rigid, procedural position.

3. Invoke the mood

If you have ever been to a spiritual massage before, then you know that they chant or speak certain words before starting the massage. The true purpose is to invoke the massage, or initiating it.

4. Tune into yourself for guidance

What does this mean? Actually, massaging can be unclear or abstract at times. This is true because you will most often need a connection between you and your partner when performing the massage. Think of the internal force within you. It is like sixth sense. As long as you follow the force and its guidance, you can always give a good massage.

5. The first touch

Even if you have been massaging your partner for the 15th time, always pay attention to your starting touch, especially when you first lay your fingers on your partner’s body. The point is to avoid starting the massage deliberately. Establish a connection between you and your partner first by focusing on internal thoughts during the first touch.


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