A Homemade Electricity Generator Can Save You Thousands

No matter what country you live in, I’m pretty sure you feel like you’re paying too much for your electricity. You’re not alone. Millions of others feel the same. So what if you could produce your own electricity with a homemade electricity generator? Wouldn’t that be cool? Well.. YOU CAN!!

The idea of producing your own electricity through the use of a magnetic generator is nothing new. In fact the idea date right back to the 1900’s when the inventer Nikola Tesla invented the world’s first homemade electricity generator. Since then the name Tesla has become synonymous with the production of electricity. The strange thing is that the fact you can produce your own electricity right in your own home has never been become common knowledge. may phat dien mitsubishi

It may seem strange to you that such an important and revolutionary fact hasn’t been more widely talked about. However when you look at the implications you will begin to understand why.

The simple truth is that the supply of electricity to your home is big business. It only takes a quick glance at your monthly power bill to realize that! The profit that the big power corporations make is absolutely massive. It’s a fact that electricity generation is a huge part of every nation’s economy.

Now just think what would happen if everyone started producing their own electricity. There would be severe economic problems and a lot of rich folks would end up losing a lot of cash. This is why you’ll never see magnetic generators for sale in your local store!

However just because you can’t buy one, it doesn’t mean that you can’t make one just like the one Nikola Tesla made. You can still buy the plans online at the moment although I don’t know for how much longer. There used to be quite a few websites selling these plans but one by one they are slowly being closed down.

It’s just like the inventer Stan Meyer. He invented a way to run a car engine on regular tap water. You know what happened to him? He was found dead in his home.. I believe the report said he died from natural causes but you can draw your own conclusions.

The one thing that I will say is that if you want to buy the plans to build your own homemade electricity generator, don’t wait too much longer! Those websites are gradually disappearing.


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